Friday, 13 April 2018

Friday Musings

Happy Friday! 

If the fact that it's Friday isn't enough to make you jump (metaphorically or literally; you do you) then a very large and very stiff drink is definitely needed to perk up your spirits!

Reminiscing about these DELISH cocktails from Lost and Found

Before we go any further I think it's safe to say there's an elephant in the room; that being that I haven't posted anything AN AGE. Over a year to be exact (soz). 

Taking a step back from writing (although entirely unintentional) made me realise that trying to create an 'upload schedule' is completely not my style. I'm the girl that's so late to everything it can't even be considered as fashionable, so God knows why I thought I could stick to a timetable. 

© Sarah Elizabeth

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