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Perfume obsessive

Hey it's Sarah back at it again with the white fluffy blanket background. Soz. 

I realise that we're a couple of weeks into September now and I should have done my August favourites a while ago but as you may have seen in my previous post, I've been going through some stuff lately so I felt I needed to give that some air time. And now we're so far into September, it didn't seem relevant enough to do an August favourites, but rest assured I'll be back on it for next month! 

A few months ago I was clearing out my room and realised that I currently have 7 different fragrances on the go which is a tad excessive, but yet I use all of them depending on my mood and the occasion. They are a mix of high street and high end fragrances so there will be something to suit everyone. 

So without further ado, here is an exclusive insight into my perfume collection and how to wear them! 

As you may remember from my 'All Hail the Contrast Dresser' post, I went to Spain during August. As any beauty guru will know, a trip to Spain is not complete without a visit to Zara! Whilst there, I picked up two of their perfumes - Red Vanilla and Forget Me Not. I've owned Red Vanilla before and love it so I went into Zara with the intention of buying a new one andForget Me Not just found its way into my basket. 

I consider Red Vanilla to be a bit of a 'badass' scent, it reminds me a lot of the Black XS scent from Paco Rabanne but definitely a lot cheaper! This scent is very suited to a night out but I still wear it in the daytime. 

Forget Me Not is more of a subtle smell and is a little bit citrusy - perfect for wearing in the day, especially somewhere like work when you don't want anything too overpowering. 

- apologies for the disgusting quality of this photo, I forgot to take an individual snap of this perfume and only remembered once all the natural light had disappeared - 

Juicy Couture is one of those brands that people tend to steer away from because they're all about the leopard print and velvet tracksuits, but their perfumes are amazing. 

My first Juicy Couture perfume was Viva La Juicy and I wore it throughout high school. One year when I ran out I asked for another bottle for Christmas. My mom ended up picking up Viva La Juicy: La Fleur by mistake but it was obviously meant to be as I prefer it so much more. 

As the name suggests it is quite floral scented but also has a fun element to it. I usually wear this during the daytime if I wanted to make more of a statement that Forget Me Not. 

I mentioned the Michael Kors Coral perfume in my July Favourites post because it's gorgeous for day or night. 

This scent reminds me of holidays and going out for cocktails with my friends because it's quite a mature scent. I've definitely been reaching for this one a lot since I got it.

Another high street perfume that I love is Hollister's Pure Cali (as you can tell by the almost empty bottle!). I bought this last summer for when we went on the cruise as I wanted a perfume that would be suitable for the day as well as not being so expensive that I was worried about sweating it off and having to reapply throughout the day. 

I always love the smell of the Hollister shop so I decided that if the shop smells that good then surely their perfumes must be amazing. Pure Cali is definitely a summer/holiday scent as it is quite sweet and flirty (is it weird to describe a smell as flirty?!). 

This perfume I purchased at duty free and spent ages choosing it. This was during my first year of uni so I didn't have the money to throw around without being sure I loved it. 

This was my first sophisticated perfume buy and I still love it over two years later. It's perfect to wear when you're going out for dinner or for a fancy lunch.

Last but by no means least is my absolute favourite perfume - Donna by Valentino. This is also the most expensive perfume but it's so so beautiful. 

I save this perfume for special occasions because I don't know if I'll be able to justify replacing it when there are so many more cheaper options! So heartbreaking though. 


This post has rekindled my love for some of the perfumes I have used for a while, reminding me how much I really do love them. 

Gotta go, I've gotta spray myself with every single one of these perfumes... 


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