Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween Bake with Us

Anyone who knows me knows my life revolves around food. This week has been my first half term as a qualified teacher and I've gone to town with the amount of 'food dates' I've been on during my week off. 

Today marks the last day of half term, the final day of holiday before returning back to work, so I wanted to end it well and it wouldn't be momentous without food. As it is Halloween tomorrow I decided a Halloween food theme would be too good an opportunity to pass up. 

Katie and I decided that baking Halloween cookies would be a cute way to celebrate the spooky occasion in a way that was a lot less mentally scarring than dressing up as killer clowns. 

We used a generic chocolate chip cookie recipe but bought cookie cutters of a tombstone, a ghost, a cat, a haunted house, a bat and a pumpkin to make sure our Halloween theme was obvious. 

Yes this is Sarah's blog and no, Sarah is not doing any of the hard work here. Shoutout to Katie, the real MVP. 

This was the moment we realised that our bowl wasn't big enough for all of our ingredients. I feel like it's becoming very apparent that my blog is a weekly documentation of how much of a fail my life is. 

This is the first contribution I made - unsuccessfully trying to roll out the mix. I've clearly forgotten all of my playdough skills as a child because I found this harder than I should have done. 

Katie's attempt just shows why she did Food Tech for GCSE. Chef in the making. 

So earlier I mentioned about how my life is a consistent fail, right? Here's another example. The mixture was way too wet to use the Halloween cutters and when we tried to roll it out again with more flour we realised it was stuck to the table. Sound.

After what felt like hours we were finally able to properly create our Halloween cookies and get them baking. By this point we had already decided we could be a great duo for next year's Great British Bake Off so were pretty excited to see our masterpieces come out the oven.


Happy Halloween, Witches! 

S x 


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