Monday, 24 October 2016

Online Clothes Shopping FAIL!

I’ll be the first to admit that I leave EVERYTHING ‘til the last minute. Naturally, with my graduation a week away I still haven’t got around to finding an outfit so I’ve been panic buying online in the hope of finding something that makes me look a bit less like a potato than normal.

For some unknown reason, I decided that I wouldn’t shop anywhere I usually do and instead I found myself spending hundreds of pounds on Pretty Little Thing, a website I have never even browsed on before.

The first thing to note is that nude does not suit me in the slightest but in my moment of madness (my excuse is that I was online shopping at 2am so I wasn’t in a sane mindset) I decided to purchase everything in nude. Mistake number 1. But if it looks good on the model it’s bound to look the exact same on me, right? Mistake number 2.

During my agonising wait for the clothes to be delivered – I’m the Queen of patience clearly- I’d convinced myself everything was going to look bomb and I’d be able to post a great try on haul on my blog and finally achieve Instagram goals. Lol.

The order came today and I honestly didn’t even want to get anything out of the plastic wrappers it all looked so horrendous. However, I decided to be the brave girl I am and try things on. Bloody wish I hadn’t. Dreams were shattered in those few moments; lives were ruined.

I feel like I should add that I washed my fake tan off before trying anything on just in case it transferred and I wasn't able to send it back. Soz for the paleness. 

1. Catarina Nude Floral Lace Choker Bodycon Dress

Quick reminder of the title of the dress including the word 'bodycon'. Apparently not so bodycon in person. 

2. Kalli Cream High Neck Lace Detail Midi Dress

Two words: Nan's tablecloth. 

3.    Aisha Nude Satin Panel Midi Dress

Remind me never to order anything 'midi' ever again. 

4.    Freyana Rose Gold Sequin Detail Long Sleeve Mini Dress

I didn't even try this dress on because half of the sequins were sewn over the zip meaning that if you wanted to unzip it to put it on, you would literally have to rip the dress open. Smart.

5.    Azul Champagne Silky Wrap Cami Dress

God only knows what this item looks like on as it didn't even arrive in the parcel.

6.    Karlia Contrast Panelled Lace Bodycon Dress

This has got to be the itchiest item of clothing I have ever put on in my life. I couldn't even do up the back because it was so irritating on my skin. 

I hate to dwell on negativity so let's focus on the good... it's free to return the items. Now to log into my trustee Topshop account... 

S x 

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